Another couple months have passed. Clark and I have been busy. I helped deliver Sacagawea’s son Pompy as Clark calls him.  In April I sent a shipment of the things we are finding out here in the new territory we have. I cannot get over the amount of animals there is out here to eat. We had grizzly bear for the first time in April. We are still headed up the Missouri River. In June we reached big water falls we had to carry all of our gear and canoes. We reached three forks in the Missouri which we named after the president, secretary of state, and secretary of treasury. In August Sacagawea recognized Beaverhead Rock and said we are close to the Shoshone Land. August 12 I discovered that there is no northwest passage. We shortly after ended up at the Shoshone land and Sacagawea noticed the chief as her lost brother. At the end of August we had set out of the Bitterroot mountains. The Shoshone have given us many horses and a mule. In September we crossed over 160 miles of Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains. In October we reached the Columbian River which was the last river before the Pacific.  We traveled through many passageways and conoed through a lot of rapids before we reached the Pacific. We finally found a spot to set up for another rough winter. The fort for this winter is Fort Clatsop.


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