In spring of 1803 I Meriwether Lewis began my training to be the leader of the United States expedition of the west.  In the summer I began to travel down the Ohio river picking up my old army friend William Clark and a few other people on the way down. Clark and I were going to run this adventure together as partners. We established Camp Wood to stay at for  the winter so that we could be off in spring and on May 14 1804 we left Camp Wood to make our way up the Missouri River.  We met with many Indians along the way and during September reached apart of the United States (Great Plains) where we noticed animals no one has ever seen before. We continued on our journey meeting more and more Indians but managing for the most part to avoid conflict. Around November 4, 1804 we came across a Canadian man Toussaint Charbonneau and his wife Sacagawea to help us communicate with the Indians during our journey. Near the end of December we found ourselves setting up a winter camp Fort Mandan.


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